Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Care and Landscaping

What Type of Grass Do I have?
Most lawns in the Lower Mainland are a blend of fescue, rye and bluegrass; which are considered cool season grasses. Lightly watered throughout the summer months and the right fertilizer will help to keep the lawn green with moderate growth.
What Type of Fertilizer Should You Use?
All Fertilizers we use are certified and meet all Canadian regulations. Applying a blend of Nitrogen (N) (Mid-18), Phosphorous (P) (Mid-18), Potassium (K) (Mid-18) to an established lawn guarantees an adequate food source. Although not all lawns are the same and may require different blends.
Why should you aerate?
Aerating allows water to seep deep into the ground. This allows roots to feed on the deeper water and for new grass to fill the holes creating a denser lawn.
What is Thatching?
Thatching is a process that removes dead grass, weeds and moss from your turf. This allows new grass blades the space in which to flourish. Along with aerating you would see better results sooner.

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